Running Hero Rob Clarke: Ultra and Trail Runner from Australia


Robert Clarke ProfileI started running at an early age and always loved the trails. The freedom and peace is like nothing else on earth. Running is the most natural form of exercise. Not much equipment needed just a good pair of runners. I started to run races in 2013 when I did a few 10k runs but I have always liked to challenge myself. Due to life I had to take a break of a few years but started again. Running is a great part of my life as it gives me time to think and relax.

I signed up for my first ultra in 2014 when I had no idea it was going to be a life changer. I finished third and learnt a lot about patience that day and that Ultra running was for me. Along this journey I met lots of people with goals and inspiration. 2015 came along and time to test my learning. I have won the 2015 trail series – undefeated in all rounds:

  • 1st 50k Numinbah to Pollys Trail race
  • King of the Mountain Pollys
  • 1st 50k River run Brisbane
  • 1st 50k Super Marathon Gold Coast on road
  • 1st 74k Great Barrier Reef Marathon

I am learning every day – Just enjoy using your legs in this world. Nowadays life is stressful and people seem to forget the small things that matter. To me the most amazing part of my journey is the people we meet in the running community, the volunteers, the charities, the stories we all have and seeing the children joining in with their families. We are not all going to win races but we win the hearts of the people we care about. Enjoy the challenge you set yourself. The feeling of finishing is worth the challenge.

Yours in running

Rob Clarke

Follow Rob on Instagram @uncharted_trail_ if you want to know more.




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